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Word 2003. Action. Shortcut Key. Go to Tell me what you want to do. Alt Q.F12. Action. Shortcut Key. Select an entire word. Double-click anywhere in the word. This article describes keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Office Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, and Word 2002. If one of the keyboard shortcuts doesnt work for your version of Word, go to one of the following articles Each time I start Word, I have to reset my personalized shortcut, because MathType overrides it. This is not a standard situation, but it can happen.An en dash () is bigger than a hyphen but shorter than an em dash (—). By Susan Harkins | in Microsoft Office, February 28, 2010, 4:00 PM PST.When you enter spaces between the hyphens, Word formats the hyphens as an en dash ( - ), which is shorter than an em dash. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys.

Undo Repeat Find Repeat Find Replace.Previous Document Window Maximise Word Maximise a Document Exit Word Activate Ribbons Cancel a Ribbon Display a Shortcut Menu. There are many shortcuts available for use in Microsoft Word using the keyboard - CTRL shortcuts, SHIFT shortcuts, ALT Shortcuts, and Function Key shortcuts (i.e. F1). Tell us what you think. Version 1.0. Microsoft Word 2003 keyboard shortcuts. March 4, 2005.Insert a section break. Insert an em dash. I frequently use the em dash in Word (Instert > SYmbol > Special Characters > Em Dash), and it would be easier to use a keyboard shortcut. The shortcut listed next to Em Dash is "AltCtrlNum -". I know alt and ctrl, but what does num stand for? Doing the M dash is very simple--just put 2 hyphens together.Another Microsoft Word shortcut, pressing CTRL - (on the keypad) will type an endash. This is probably the quickest way to get at this character.

Using the AutoFormat feature in Microsoft Word, you can create both an Em dash (—) and En dash () automatically by typing hyphens.Tip: With Num Lock enabled, you can also use the shortcut combination CtrlAltMinus to create an Em dash (using the Minus key located on numeric keypad). Keyboard Shortcuts on Microsoft Word. There are two main categories of shortcuts in Microsoft Word: control shortcuts and function and shift shortcuts. Browse other questions tagged keyboard-shortcuts microsoft-word or ask your own question.Microsoft Word 2010: Assigning a KEYBOARD shortcut for deleting one line of text. Be the keyboard warrior while working on MS Word documents! Learn the shortcut keys and see yourself working much faster. Using Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word.Open Microsoft Word, if it is not already open. 1. Open a new Word document and type a line of text. If you wish to do so you could copy this line and paste it into the document. MI Microsoft word shortcut keys.

2013. MOUSE SHORTCUTS IN MS WORD CLICK,HOLD DRAG Select text from where you click and hold to the point you drag and let go. 16 January 2009 Posted by Eyal Sela in category: self efficiency with Tags Keyboard Shortcut, MS Word.The rest of the bloody world, INCLUDING Microsoft uses F3 for find Next, but in Word we gotta do CTRL-PGDN, wtf?! On Microsoft Word (and most other word processing systems), when you put two dashes next to each other (), they combine to form an em dash.Fortunately, the em dash keyboard shortcut is incredibly fast and easy. Common tasks in Microsoft Office Word. CTRLShiftSPACEBAR.ShiftF10. When the building block for example, a SmartArt graphic is selected, display the shortcut menu that is associated with it. Default keyboard shortcuts. MS Word 2016 Main Window. As you might already know, Microsoft Word 2016 (and its earlier versions) comes with multiple keyboard shortcuts set by default. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys. CtrlA, Ctrl B, Ctrl H, Ctrl M, Ctrl N and etc Follow the list for expressions related to shortcut keys The following keyboard shortcuts are available in Microsoft Word 2002. Word Keyboard Shortcuts. Command Name Shortcut Keys. All Caps CTRLSHIFTA. Annotation ALTCTRLM. Best Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys. There are lots of commands available in MS Word, but these 10 are some of the better onesYou can even make your own custom MS Word shortcut keys to take your hotkey usage to the next step. Keystrokes useful in Microsoft Word documents.Customize a shortcut. Ctrl-Alt-Num . Cut.Em Dash. Microsoft Word. Shortcut. Function. ctrlF2.Additional Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word. Selecting text— shiftmouse click. With tables, to change the width of one column and keep the other columns at even width— ctrlshift, select and move the table border column with the mouse. Update linked information in a Word source document. Find next misspelling (Automatic Spell Checking enabled).Previous page: Microsoft Windows XP Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts Next page: Microsoft Excel Keyboard Keys. I saw a bank that said 24 Hour Banking, but I dont have that much time. Steven Wright (comedian). Being a part-time writer and a full-time dad, I am very concerned with my productivity. I want to get my writing assignments done well and fast so I can enjoy more time with my wife and daughter. Microsoft Word shortcut keys for working with the Microsoft word processor faster by only using the keyboard to perform common tasks.Below is a listing of the more commonly used shortcut keys in Microsoft Word. Update linked information in a Microsoft Word source document.Exit Word. ShiftF10. Display a shortcut menu (Simulate right mouse button). AltF3. Create new Building block with selected texts. The default keyboard shortcut for em dash is CtrlAlt[numpad minus]-, yet this shortcut, instead of bringing an em dash into your document, may change the zoom view!MS Word Line Numbers: change font size and type, even margins. Tags: microsoft word ms office. Company. Info Shortcuts Microsoft Word 2010 shortcut keys.Microsoft Word 2010 is one efficient application for Word processor and is used worldwide. Word processors have a diversity of uses and applications within the corporate world, home, and education. Microsoft Word 2003 keyboard shortcuts March 4, CtrlMinus Sign Insert an en dash Shortcut Function F1 Display Word Help dialog box.En dash Ctrl - (on Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word Tasks Function Shortcut Function These Keyboard Shortcuts key of MS Word is very helpful for all those persons who are doling lot of official and personal work on his PC or response on What is Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word? BARBARA EVANS 16/05/2016 at 8:53 AM. For keyboard shortcuts in which you press two or more keys at the same time, the keys to press are separated by a plus sign () in Microsoft Word 2013 Help.An em dash. Altctrlminus sign. How do you apply keyboard shortcuts for bullet symbols in MS Word? What are the cutest fonts in Microsoft Word?- For a dash-style bullet, do the same as above by typing the - first instead. 1. For numbered lists, type the first number (doesnt have to be 1) and use the same process. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys. Excel, Word and PowerPoint Tutorials from Howtech.Повторите попытку позже. Опубликовано: 7 мая 2013 г. In this video tutorial you are going to learn how to use and create shortcut keys in word. Keyboard shortcut reference for Microsoft Word. Function key reference. Frequently used shortcuts.An en dash. CtrlMinus Sign (on the numeric keypad). An optional hyphen. Most MS Word tasks can be performed both by using the mouse or by using a keyboard shortcut (single key or, usually, a combination of keys).Tags: Microsoft Office text editor Word word processing. EN DASH shortcut key: Control NumPad Minus.Hyphens, En Dashes, and Em Dashes in Microsoft Word - Duration: 4:01. Heather Ackmann 3,137 views. An em dash.CtrlShiftF7. Updates linked information in a Microsoft Office Word source document.Create custom shortcuts for frequently used actions. Many of Words default shortcuts are overly long and complex. Microsoft word shortcut key. Find, Replace and Browse through text- shortcut keys.AltCtrlMinus Sign use for insert an EM dash. Shortcut Keys. So you dont like to reach over to the mouse for functions that can be performed on the keyboard? Makes sense follow these tips to learn how to quickly do things from the keyboard and how to customize the keyboard shortcuts in Word to best fit your needs. Microsoft Word em dash keyboard shortcut | TheFreeWi If you are using frequently the em dash line (—) you might like to have a keyboard shortcut for that. Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys. October 22, 2013 by Kasia Mikoluk.Common Shortcuts in Microsoft Word. Lets take a look at the shortcut keys youll turn to most often in your everyday tasks: Function. I have had several people in my Microsoft Word training classes asking if there is a good list of word shortcuts. Microsoft have produced an article but I have composed a list of the best and most useful ones that I have come across from working with word over the last 20 years. 1 Quick reference to some common shortcut keys. Create a non-breaking space: CONTROLSHIFTSPACEBAR.Switch to the next program or Microsoft Word document window: ALTTAB. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Stumbleupon. Whatsapp. Email. Advertisement. Keyboard shortcuts are a great productivity technique, and any computer user should have the most important ones memorized. After all I know their shortcut for an em dashtype two dashes between two words and they will transform once you type a space after the second word.For an em dash (—), use Option, Shift and -. Thats it! Now lets see how Microsoft does in comparison. Create Em and En Dashes on Windows! Displays the Office Assistant or (Help > Microsoft Word Help). F2. Moves text ?? F3. Replaces an AutoText entry from the preceeding word.Toggles between displaying field codes and field results. Shift F10. Displays the ( Shortcut) menu for the selected item. (Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) This tip (1217) applies to Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003.So I added a new shortcut for each CtrlAltM and CtrlAltN. Now heres the odd thing. Once Id done that, I was able to insert the em and en dash by Work with all the newest Microsoft Word features. Create and edit documents quickly and easily. The keyboard shortcut for typing an em dash is CtrlAltminus sign, where the minus sign is the minus key on the numeric keypad.

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