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Here is the situation. Your user has data on the client. You want to get that data into your web application. This results in uploading the data to the server first, then processing it there, and then sending it back. В моем предыдущем посте, я затронул тему использования файлов в JavaScript, с особым акцентом на том, как получить доступ к объектам File.reader.readAsText(file) Этот пример просто читает содержимое файла и выводит его в виде обычного текста в консоль. The only difference between in-line Javascript blocks and external Javascript blocks is that an external Javascript block will pause to load the external file.For most purposes if you see (something) in Javascript you should read that as being document.getElementById(something). Online Diff Tool. .htaccess Generator. Javascript Error Logger.Often when writing Javascript (JS) your indentation, spacing, and other formatting can become a bit disorganized.This tool is helpful for making the formatting of a file consistent. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.Granted, most JavaScript programs are much simpler than the programs you use to read emailExternal JavaScript Files. Using the